Monday, August 10, 2009

Macomb Township Belle Tire

We recently received some excellent feedback about Bruce at the Macomb Township store. Make sure you pay him a visit!

"Yesterday afternoon (Saturday, August 8th) my mom and I had just finished grocery shopping and made our way to her vehicle. We noticed that one of her tires was looking a little flat and needed air.

We then headed to a nearby gas station where we encountered Bruce, a member of the Belle Tire team in Macomb Township (on Hall Road/M-59) and in Shelby Township (on Van Dyke). He happened to be pumping gas and noticed the two of us struggling to fill the tire and came over to offer help.

Bruce filled the tire and even checked the pressure and explained to us how much air the tire actually needed. I am writing to you today because it's very rare that you find people so kind and willing to help.

I believe that Bruce was an excellent representative of your company and truly deserves to be commended. It is our hope that Bruce be recognized as an exceptional employee.

Thank you for your time.

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