Thursday, June 10, 2010

Belle Tire is Proud to be a RMA Tire Safety Week PARTner

Belle Tire is proud to be a Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) tire safety week PARTner. RMA's ninth annual 2010 National Tire Safety Week will be June 6-12, 2010.

ALLEN PARK, Mich., June 1, 2010 – The Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) is the national trade association for tire manufacturers and is hosting the 9th annual . Last year more than 20,000 tire and auto service outlets participated in the RMA tire safety week. This year the event will take place June 6-12, 2010.

The tire industry urges consumers to maintain tires to save fuel, promote safety. "Belle Tire and it's ASE Certified technicians are always happy to help customers learn about proper tire and car care." said Don Barnes, marketing manager at Belle Tire "Educating customers and filling their needs is extremely important to us, we also like to make them aware of importance of keeping their tires filled too.

Underinflated tires risk safety, waste fuel and cause tire wear quicker than adequately inflated tires. The RMA has released a survey showing more half of 5,400 plus vehicles reported at least one under inflated tire. Nearly 20 percent of vehicles had at least one tire under inflated by 8 pounds per square inch (psi).

In addition to this annual event the RMA’s “Be Tire Smart – Play Your PART” program is a year-round effort designed to help drivers learn the simple steps they can take to ensure that their tires are in good working condition. The importance of tire safety is critical and Belle Tire is proud to be a part of this event to help drivers learn about the risks and safety hazards.

Tire manufacturers and tire retailers throughout the country will be working to educate motorists about proper tire care and car maintenance. The RMA provides tire retailers, auto dealers and automotive repair shops with free “Be Tire Smart” brochures and other materials. Belle Tire uses this opportunity to promote tire care through advertising, promotions, free tire pressure checks and conducting media outreach.

Belle Tire was among the more than 21,000 tire dealers, auto dealers and automotive repair shops participated during the 2009 National Tire Safety Week. In addition to Belle Tire, tire stores, auto dealers, safety advocates and state government agencies will be participating in the Be Tire Smart program. If you have any questions about National Tire Safety Week, please visit


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