Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tire Stores Provide Mobile Tire Coupons and More

Building loyalty is important in any business. When it comes to buying tires, tire stores are faced with the fact that the average consumer doesn’t really want to buy tires and it is very low frequency purchase for many car owners. Even so, a tire store wants customers to come back and become fans of the business vs. becoming fans of the competition. Providing the best customer service is really the main way to accomplish this strong relationship with all customers to keep them coming back but there are many ways to incentivize consumers to choose your business over competitors.
Recent Research Findings on Mobile Coupons

According to Yankee Group, research and analysis shows that 73 percent of consumers want to receive a mobile coupon. In addition, the number of mobile coupons redeemed in the United States is set to increase more than tenfold in 2010, followed by triple-digit increases in both 2011 and 2012.

Tire Stores Go Mobile
Tire stores running mobile campaigns to beef up a mobile database can easily build loyalty programs to reward most loyal consumers. A more mainstream tire retailer, providing solid credibility by building a mobile user database of consumers who opt in knows the importance to build loyalty and fans. These fans of the business have chosen to be a part of the club and many times will choose to return to the business and possibly share the message with friends, family and other consumers looking for tires and auto care services.

Customers Opt In To Loyalty Advantage Programs
According information shared on a recent Mobile Marketer webinar, a major tire store retailer saw a 55 percent opt-in rate for its Mobile Advantage club after offering consumers $20 off its products for participating. Moreover, 55% who heard radio spots and were offered a $20 coupon opted to receive the coupon.

The tire store ran another mobile campaign to beef up its mobile database and identify an ROI on traditional advertising including TV and radio and tagged existing TV and radio spots with mobile calls-to-action. The company has built a tire advantage loyalty program to reward its most loyal consumers.

Consumers were asked to text a short keyword to short code such as text TIRES to 1234. Those who texted in received a $20-off coupon for their next purchase at this tire store. Participants were then invited to join the Belle Tire Advantage program, and 77 percent opted into the club. By giving consumers a $20 bill, it incentivizes consumers to choose this tire store instead of one of their competitors.

Mobile Surveys, Reminders, and Rewards to Super Fans
Tire stores and businesses are looking for new ways to more effectively reach their target audience to drive more traffic to their stores.

* With the convenience of mobile surveys, reaching consumers when they're in the moment - online or on the go is important.
* Consumers who opt in can have reminders sent to a mobile phone so they never forget an oil change or tire rotation.
* Mobile loyalty and rewards services expand on their existing loyalty program to make it easier for their customers to get offers.

The time is here for mobile tire coupons to be integrated into a tire stores marketing plan. The efficiency is pretty straight forward and consumers are waiting for their tire coupons to be sent to their mobile phones. Give them what they want and what they deserve; the best price possible and an overall best customer service and value that your customers can't beat.

About Belle Tire
Allen Park, Mich.-based Belle Tire was founded in 1922 when it opened the first Belle Tire location in Detroit, Mich. Today, the company has expanded to 80 locations across Michigan and Ohio. Belle Tire offers discount tires and variety of car care needs, ranging from auto glass repair, auto glass replacement, brakes, alignments, batteries, shocks and struts, exhaust system repair, batteries, and oil changes. For more information about Belle Tire, visit Join the Belle Tire Advantage today,

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