Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Custom Rims Help You Stand Out from the Crowd

Shrinking car sales and disappearing brands are drastically limiting your choice of what you can now own and drive. However, custom chrome, polished or painted rims and affordable wheel and tire packages from your local tire retailer can help you stand out from the crowd.

About 11.4 million cars, trucks and SUV were sold in the United States last year. That’s down from 16.6 million just a few years ago. A number of popular mainstream and niche nameplates are also quickly disappearing. GM, for example, recently eliminated their Pontiac, HUMMER, Saab and Saturn brands. As they push to become more streamlined, manufacturers are also offering fewer models, trim levels, options and colors for the vehicles they produce. As a result, more and more of today’s new cars look amazingly alike. Think about it! How many different new Ford F-Series pickups, Honda Accords or Ford Fusions do you really notice on the road today? Do you even notice them at all? And, if you do, what sets them apart from the crowd?

Smart tire retailers offer an amazingly wide selection, custom rims and affordable tire and wheel packages, along with high-performance car care products especially formulated to keep them looking great.

There’s a reason why we call what we own and drive our “wheels.” Nothing connects us more to the American road than our rims and tires. And, nothing sets us apart more dramatically.

The earliest steamers and gasoline-powered horseless carriages had beautifully hand-crafted wooden wheels. Over the years, modern designers and stylists have renewed the importance and visual impact of highly-styled, quality rims and wheels. Chrysler started it with what they called their “wide, wheels to the corners” stance. Others followed with modern designs that feature wider, more prominent wheel openings often trimmed in eye-catching molding or body-cladding.

A jump on any tire retailers web site will wake you up to a world of beautifully-styled, high-quality custom chrome, polished and painted rims from well-know manufacturers such as Pulse, American Racing, Avenue, Cragar Classic and many others.

With a little computer magic you can click, cut and paste an image of practically any style rim you choose on to a photo of your own vehicle. You’ll be amazed at how the right rim can dramatically change the look and personality of your ride.

Expert sales professionals at most tire retailers can also advise you about the benefits of plus sizing. Installing lower profile tires on wider and larger diameter rims can really enhance the appearance and performance of your car.

They have the knowledge and experience to help you put together an affordable tire and wheel package that fits your needs and makes your car really stand out in a crowd.

And once you choose, tire retailers can also offer advice about metal polishes, special treatments for chrome, clear-coated or painted wheels, and cleaning tips to keep them looking great.

Life’s too short to be just ordinary. Custom chrome, polished or painted rims and affordable wheel and tire packages from your local tire retail can help you and your ride stand out from the crowd.

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